Birthday Parties

Let's Cook! Birthday Parties include refreshments (cake and beverage), paper goods, decorations, and activities. We provide a unique and interactive celebration. Parents, all you have to do is send the invitations, then sit back and enjoy the fun. We do it all!


Parties are $350.00 for up to 12 children and $15.00 for each additional child. There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit applied toward the party fee. Please call for date and/or consultation.


The Best Birthday Cake in Town

Ages 5-16 Saturdays 10AM-12PM 2PM-4:PM 6PM-8PM

All it takes is a batch of friends, add a dash of imagination, and one big hurrah for each guest to create his/her personal cake masterpiece. It is a birthday celebration that is filled with sticky, gooey, delicious fun. Each guest will be provided with a chef hat and apron while he/she creates.

Best Birthday Cake in Town

Rise and Shine! It's a Surprise Pajama Party

Ages 6-16 Saturdays 8AM-10AM    

Parents, we can't do this one without you! What a great way to wake up and start the special day. Please call for details. This one must be kept secret all the way.

Pre-Sleep Over Pajama Party

Ages 9-16 Fridays 7PM-9PM    

Ask your best friends to put on their favorite p. j.'s and "come on over!" We will laugh, even giggle and joke around. We will make the best individually styled pizzas in town. Then, after celebrating with cake and a drink we will have fun making a treat to take back to the sleepover.

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