Special Events

Kid's Birthday Parties

See our Junior Chef page

Mommy & Me Classes

Mom, or Dad, or big sibling, Aunt, Grandparent ... getting your child to cook with you creates a bond that will last a lifetime. Learning a skill that they can build on and carry through life WITH you creates memories they will have forever.

Corporate Team-Building

Working together outside the office and inside a kitchen, requires communication, cooperation, and hands-on teamwork in a new and unique environment. Food connects us to personal experience, traveling, family; allowing colleagues to get to know each other on an entirely new dimension. Don’t forget, after all the hard work, you will all enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Whether it is a battle of the sexes, a high school rivalry, or family feud: level the playing field in our kitchen! Perfectly designed to be split in half, our kitchen can accommodate even the toughest competitors! Who will make the best dish? The most creative? Best presentation? In the end, whoever wins or loses, everyone gets to eat!

Holiday Parties

Our kitchen space is very large, and can accommodate a crowd. Allow our chefs to cater to your culinary needs, while you relax and enjoy the festivities!

Singles Night

Sick of the bar scene? Trade in your little black dress for a little black apron; or perhaps the hair gel for a chef hat! No pressure, no uncomfortable standing around trying to think of interesting things to say. Break the ice while learning to make a new food, by the time the dish is done, there will be lots to talk about, and something delicious to eat!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We have a unique venue for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Skip the club and learn to wow your fiancé with his or her favorite dish, brush up on cooking basics, or learn to make that exotic dish (you know, the one at that high-end restaurant) you love so much!

Newlywed Kitchen Crash Course

Cooking for one (or perhaps hitting the drive-thru for one) is a lot different than cooking for two! Learn the skills to make cooking a fun activity to share, instead of a nightly chore. Don’t have to be a newlywed - fresh out of college? New roommate? Join in!


Rather than unwrap gifts all afternoon, learn to make a special treat for you and baby, or you and Mr. Right! Do you know how to make your own baby food? It’s extremely cost effective, and preservative free! Brides-to-be, make it about him, and you. Do you remember what you ate on your first date? Let’s recreate it!

Corporate Team-Building

A great date night

The perfect event for bridal showers